The Most Memorable Nes Turtles Game (But not the Best)

User Rating: 9 | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game NES
***Turtles 2 The Arcade Game***

- Multiplayer (Game is a blast with a friend)
- Easy and Responsive Controls (Pick up and Play)
- Good Nes Graphics
- Nice Music

- Extremely limited move set (All Turtles have same moves)
- There is a lot of flickering

Turtles 2 was released at the peak of Turtle Mania and delivered what the fans wanted, a fun game that anybody could pick up and play effectively (unlike Turtles 1 which was ridiculous for the target audience).

All the Turtles posses the same moves. B is a standard attack that takes 2 hits to kill footsoliders. Then there is your strong attack which is done by pressing A and B together. This move renders the standard attack obsolete because it takes 1 hit to kill footsoliders. There is also a Jump Kick done by pressing A and then B in mid air. This attack is every useful when you are outnumbered by enemies or in Boss Battles. The controls for all the moves are very responsive and fun. There is a ton of different enemies that help ease the repetitive feeling. The game is pretty easy until you get to Shredder or Shredders in this case. He has a one hit kill and uses this attack often, it takes up most the screen so avoiding it is hard.

The graphics in this game are very good for the Nes. Only slight problem is flickering but this does not take much away from the experience.

Good sound effects and stage music that help set the mood and make playing through the game more enjoyable.

Turtles 2 for a lot of people is regarded as the best Turtles Nes game, Why? I think it is because most have not had the pleasure of playing Turtles 3 on the Nes which is better in every way. Still Turtles 2 is an absolute joy to play and has provided me with many great memories. This is a must buy game for people who don't own it, relatively cheap.