tmnt are you serious........

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they dont look like the turtles from the tv show these turtles have nose excuse me tmnt have beak please fix that

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I don't think you ever watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This is not a Franklin video game.
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they shall have this game
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They're not supposed to look like Turtles from the show, or any other incarnation. It's only loosely based on the new series. And they do have beaks but they couldn't put too much emphasis on them or they'd look really stupid. And real turtles do have noses, so there's not really a problem there either.
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the turtles look fine to me.
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            Why this game is so popular, meanwhile reviews says that it sucks?

                                                                   -Thanks, your friend me :D

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this game looks fly and a whole lot better than the old 2d graphics from the NES days, I love it and the new turtle look is awsome.

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I know this is really late but I just want to point out that while a lot of websites didn't like the game and that just about all the reasons they state for the low scores are true, it is possible to enjoy things in a bad game. Especially if you go into it knowing what problems your going to have ahead of time. Not saying this excuses bad game design though. That terrible and should never be encouraged.

I've been thinking about this on and off, as a person who did enjoy this game, and I think a lot of people came away with the impression from trailers that this game was going to be the Arkham City of Ninja turtle games. And in that light, I can see why they were so disappointed.

Personally, I just could never picture Ninja Turtles getting that kind of treatment in game form. I think that quality is just to close to the triple A spectrum.

I had fun with it. It was glitchy and buggy as hell. The textures and backgrounds weren't all that impressive. I thought combat was really good except for how special moves were handled but I enjoyed the leveling system. The music is great. The story was as "epic" as most ninja turtle games. I liked the light hearted approach to stealth. You could sneak if you wanted too but you never HAVE to. And I like the Parkor. I wanted to redo part of a level after beating the game and ended playing through half the game in that sitting. That's rare for me as a gamer with very little free time.

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I am 90's follower of Ninja Turtles, still today I am impatiently waiting for TMNT 2 Movie because I have the respect for my Teenage Turtles. From Out of the Shadows I bought some movie Outfit's from "Sky-Seller online store" to wear for my first show.