Tecmo World Cup Soccer Cheats For NES

  1. Argentina Passwords

    At the start of the game, select Continue and enter one of these to go to the corresponding match

    Effect Effect
    LBGNNCNMK 10th Game
    LJFNNCOMC 11th Game
    JJINNCCEG 12th Game
    DJGLACOLG 13th Game
    JBODIGODG 14th Game (Semifinals vs Brazil)
    BJPDJGAEO 15th Game (Final vs Germany)
    MDCBMCNAI 2nd Game
    CDBPMCBAA 3rd Game
    BDDBNCBIA 4th Game
    BFDPMCBIA 5th Game
    KNKJMCBLI 6th Game
    DFDDNCBMA 7th Game
    KNLNMCBLC 8th Game
    INFNNDNDC 9th Game

    Contributed by: Darkenings 

  2. Italy Vs Italy 3rd Game

    At the start, select Continue and enter this password to play a mirror match with Italy.

    Effect Effect
    IDBOCFHGI Italy Vs Italy

    Contributed by: Darkenings 

  3. Japan Passwords

    Select CONTINUE on the menu screen, use the d-pad to enter the proper characters, then press start. Player should be taken to corresponding match against corresponding team.

    Effect Effect
    JKPCKCLHH Japan v.s. Argentina, 12th match
    ACFKCCJFH Japan v.s. Argentina, 9th match
    BCHLDCFFH Japan v.s. Brazil, 11th match
    AEDAOCFGB Japan v.s. England, 2nd match
    ACFNCCJGH Japan v.s. France, 10th match
    KAIGOCEND Japan v.s. Holland, 5th match
    KCGKOCEOH Japan v.s. Holland, 8th match
    JCIDLEHHP Japan v.s. Italy, semi-finals
    GAIGDCJGH Japan v.s. Poland, 6th match
    JMGIOCEND Japan v.s. Scotland, 4th match
    DCFFLIHAP Japan v.s. Spain, final
    CEPIPCIOJ Japan v.s. U.S.A., 3rd match
    IAIGDCJGH Japan v.s. Uruguay, 7th match
    LKPDLCGPP Japan v.s. W. Germany, quarter-finals

    Contributed by: Wonderboy 

  4. Final Game password

    Effect Effect
    D2NLK23MH Japan vs. Uruguay Final Game

    Contributed by: ReyVGM 

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