Collection seems more to me like polished turds. Great emulation, just weak games.

User Rating: 4 | Tecmo Classic Arcade XBOX
They did a great job presenting the 11 games. All play as they did in the original arcade versions. Problem is that 9 of the 11 aren't even really "mainstream" and of the last two, I could care less about Tecmo Bowl. That leaves Rygar as the only A-list title.

My experience with Rygar is on the Atari Lynx (Handheld) and the presentation is very similar, but arguably the game is different on the Lynx - different levels and length. Regardless, the game is very fun. Problems arise that the game itself is designed to end BEFORE the end round REGARDLESS of quarter/token count. This means that for the unsuspecting, you have to start all over if you die at the end.

The rest of the titles save Plieads are OK, but uninspiring. Plieads is spot-on too, but seemed a little fast - about 10% faster than the arcade version. But a whole lot of fun.

Controls are pretty good across the board, but it seemed like a couple of glitchy operations were present - flippers in Pinball Action seemed to "stick" and some of the games had a bit of lag, but overall they play well for what they are.

The game was developed for the Xbox, and was also to be Backwards Compatible for the Xbox 360. I could NOT get the collection to boot on my 360. I am not sure how an emulated title emulated on another system would run....

I love retro gaming - heck I was playing some of this stuff when ti was new. But I felt that this collection was lackluster and the games were either laggy, or boring, both, or there were elements that made the games unacceptably frustrating. More like a showcase of Tecmo titles to avoid in the future.