A compilation that is seriously hurt by the fact it's best two games are NOT the NES versions.

User Rating: 5.3 | Tecmo Classic Arcade XBOX
When I first heard of this compilation, I got ecstatic. Like many other people, I LOVED Tecmo Bowl for the NES. I also liked Rygar quite a bit and was going to buy this compilation no matter what. And yes I did hear that it was an arcade (not an NES) compilation, but I didn't realize that Tecmo Bowl wouldn't have any NFL licensing whatsoever. You also get the arcade version of Rygar, not the NES version. This really hurts the two main reasons most people would buy this compilation.

The rest of the games are so-so. There is a shooter I liked and had some fun with for awhile, but most of the games aren't that great. And could someone tell me why the hell Tecmo didn't include it's classic Ninja Gaiden games here?

The only reason I bought this compilation was because it was $10 (brand new), and I really wanted Tecmo Bowl and Rygar. If you don't mind playing the arcade versions of these two games, then I think it's worth the $10 price tag. If not, go fire up your old NES and play the only two good games in the compilation, they way they were meant to be played.