The game is pretty fun at first but in the same way something is missing on the gameplay that is hard to describe.

User Rating: 7.5 | Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff DS
The game is truly amazing and is just like the old school games of tecmo bowl. Instead the older versions like the NES and SNES plays alot more fair then the DS version. I feel like i'm not in total control of playing my way, too many times were you fumble to easily and throw an interception you wish you can take back.But it's the games graphics are nice with 3-D animations. Gameplay offers a variety of different ways to play but overall solid.The multiplayer is fun to play with local, I'm not sure of the WFC online but i'm sure its pretty much the same.I believe if you like football and played other tecmo bowl games you would like this game to.But for all the other people that never played tecmo bowl and likes the game of football this is one the best games to start from.

I really enjoyed playing the game it was great but it could of been a lot better.