This game is a blast. Very fun. The one sports game I can play with my girlfiend. Pick up this game.

User Rating: 9 | Tecmo Bowl: Kickoff DS
Where to start. I think that the people who would not like the game are the ones who grew up on Madden. This game is a celebration of the football game that started it all and brings back many memories of the saturdays sitting in my livingroom playing NES with my brother. I really do not see any problems with the game. Just sit back and let the good times roll. I personally just finished editing all the teams to match a NFL greats roster for each team. Warren Moon passing to Earl Campbell and Randall Cunningham passing to Terrell Owens is just to much fun for words. I am a big fan of Fun, and fun is exactly what this game is. I bought a DS just for this game and don;t belirve I have ever bought anything for just one item. Here is to many hours of HUT HUT HUT, and scoring five rushing touchdowns a game.