A charming platformer

User Rating: 8 | Tearaway VITA

This game is really papery ... ok poor joke aside it is a very great platformer for the Vita. Simple, beautiful color with a nice learning curve.

You are either Iota or Atoi a letter which objective is to deleiver his/her message to the "You". The game break the 4th wall quite often because we (the gamer) poke in their world through a hole in the sun.

Everything in the game look like paper way more than Paper Mario. Also there is a lot of collectible which add a lot of replay and some of the collectibe can be upload to a website that let you learn how to make some of the caracters or stuff found in the game.

I gave the game an 8 because sometimes the camera just get in the way while you change from a section in 2d to a section in 3d. Also the rear touch pad doesn't always respond if you touch it too softly. Otherwise it is a very good game from the same creator of Little Big Planet which is one of my fav platformer ever.