A very fun strategic multiplayer shooter.

User Rating: 9.5 | Team Fortress 2 PC
This is a very great mutliplayer shooter. The art style is awesome. It keeps the game lighthearted and funny. The graphics are really great and sharp. Also the animations are some of the best ever. You will laugh when you see the heavy holding his gun like a baby. There are 9 different classes in the game, and each one has a certain use. Medic can be used to uber charge someone or heal them. Heavy carries a mini gun and great for defense. This game requires a lot of teamwork to be successful, you can't just run out in a big mob. It takes skill. It is a deep experience. The only downfall is there are only 6 maps, but those maps are very well made and fun. This is a great game to get especially if you are a fan of online shooters.