The Ultimate Multiplayer Experience.

User Rating: 10 | Team Fortress 2 PC
Team Fortress 2 Is The Very Good Reason I Play Multiplayer Games. Its Free And Loads Of Fun.

So Team Fortress 2 Is Basically A Free To Play Multiplayer Game Developed By Valve And You Can Download The Game From Steam. In The Game Youll Play With Several Units. Youll Play With The Scout, Sniper, Soldier, Demoman, Medic, Pyro, Engineer, Spy And The Heavy. Youll Also Get To Choose Wheter Youll Play With The Red Or Blue Team.

Presentation:10/10: Youre Expecting Loads Of Multiplayer Gameplay, Lots Of Modes And Also Excitement. Its A Shame There Was No Bots.

Graphics:10/10: The Graphics Are Amazing. The Cartoon Design Is Perfect And The Maps Are Very Well Designed. Job Well Done

Sound:10/10: The Voice Acting Is Excellent So As The The Music And Sound Effects.

Gameplay:10/10: The Best There Is. The Weapons Are Greatly Used, The Classes Are Cool, And Expect Strong Competitive Multiplayer. Gets Some Friends To Play This Game And Enjoy The Fun With Your Friends With This One.

Replay Value:10/10: Youre Gonna Spend Hours Playing This Game. Hours. Spend Time Playing With Friends And Revise The Maps And Youve Got Yourselves A Multiplayer Game.

Team Fortress 2 Is A Perfect Game And Definetely The Ultimate Multiplayer Experience.