The MVM Robot Guide by Mein Kaiser

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Hi this is my Guide to the MVM Robots, please feel free to Copy and paste but give credit. Robots: Pyro:Functions like your regular pyro,only using a regular flamethrower,usually will attack in swarms to burn you to death so look out.(175 HP) Heavy:Also like a regular heavy, only using their minigun, when in numbers use a Wide splash weapon to do some damage to them so your comrades can finish them off.Slowest of all regular robots when running they go at 73% speed(300 HP) Soldiers:These soldiers are like the average soldier, only using their primary weapon and firing their rocket launcher, if your able to move fast you can dodge em, but lookout or take cover when they gang up on you(200 HP) Scout:The most common bot in MVM,fast but weak but usually come in large hordes to backup their fragility, they can be the cause to lose a round since they are so fast and can sneak by unoticed and only wield bats.(125 HP) Demoman:Only wield Grenade Launchers to attack their opponent and move slighty slower then other robots when running they go 93% speed(175 HP) Snipers:Always come in support, as far as I know anyway, they will attempt to shoot and kill you at long distances, you can either go on offense to take them down or avoid them all together(125 HP) Spies:Like snipers they are always in support, they will disguise as your own team,sap buildings,cloak to avoid danger and when found they will use a revolver when found, they may also occasionally taunt after a kill and their entrance are announced by the Administrator(125 HP) Special Robots: Quick Fix Medics:These medics are unable to uber but heal very quickly and have no other ways to attack(150 HP) Uber Medics:These medics will uber very quickly, if you got a pyro try to airblast them away from their target and kill them before they can get back to their target and have no other means of attack(150 HP) Bowmen:These snipers are like regular snipers,except they don't come in support and will shoot you with their huntsmen and deadly in close range(125 HP) Sydney Snipers:Snipers who wield Sydney Sleepers indicated by the little Jarate drop on the Sniper icon on the icon, if they shoot you they will have the same damage as regular Sydney Sleeper does, either killing you or applying Jarate which other bots can kill you much efficiently(125 HP) Demoknights:Demos who wield a Eyelander and Chargin' Targe, capable of moving very quickly across distances and have a longer melee damage.Upon killing, you will gain 3 seconds of guaranteed crits.(175) Minor League Scout:Scouts who move as the same speed as scouts, but only use Sandman to stun enemies and are identified by the Batter Helmet they wear, their icon is a little baseball.(125 Health) Steel Gauntlets:Heavies who carry Fists of Steel, who can take large amounts of ranged damage but can attack in gangs and use only their melee(900 HP) Sentry Buster:Literally a bomb on legs,These things are very annoying and can detect Sentries that are problems to the horde, a good thing of device is to airblast these things,but be aware they can't be backstabbed or headshotted, but they cannot carry bombs(2500 HP) Heavyweight Champ:Heavies who wield Killing Gloves of Boxing and wear Pugilist's Protector to identify themselves,using only melee and attack in gangs(300 HP) Fast Heavy:A Regular heavy who carries a Urgently Killing Gloves of Boxing, but will receive mini crits and can be the cause the loss of the round(300 HP) Holiday Punch Heavies:Heavies who carry a Fully Critical Holiday Punch and make whoever they hit laugh and become easy pickings for other Robots, this and the other 2 robots before this will guarantee critical hits for 5 seconds and these variety are the most rare of all.(300 HP) Giants: Major League Scouts:Move the same speed as normal scouts and can use only the Sandman,Moves faster than most giant robots (67% speed), but still at reduced speed. Able to regenerate a ball a second or so(1600 HP) Super Scouts:Fastest Bot in the game, uses the Holy Mackerel and identified by their Bonk Boy.They are not dangerous and not durable, but their sole purpose is delivering the bomb, a good way to slow these bots down is using Jarate or Mad Milk(1600 HP) Giant Soldier:Regular Soldier but increased HP(Presumed to be 3000-3800 HP) Giant Heavy:Regular Heavy but increased HP(Presumed to be 4000-5000) Giant Demo:Regular Demo but increased HP(Presumed to be 3000-3300 HP) Rapid-Fire Soldier:A regular Soldier who is capable of firing rockets faster then a normal rate(3300 HP) Charged Soldier:A giant soldier who fires charged rockets at 50% slower speed , wields The Original.(3800 HP) Giant Pyro:A giant pyro who wields a Flamethrower but has increased health(3000 HP) Giant Flare Pyro:A Pyro who wields a Flare Gun and Old Guadalajara and can shoot with deadly accuracy(3000 HP) Rapid Fire Demoman:A large demo who shoots Grenades at a somewhat faster rate.(3300 HP) Deflector Heavy:A heavy who is capable of shooting down grenades and rockets and wears a Mechanical Ushanka called the U-clank-a(5000 HP) Giant Demoknight:Identified by Prince Tavish's Crown, wielding Eyelander and Chargin' Targe but doesn't make very long charges(3300 HP) Tank:A slow moving vehicle,unable to damage the players but can run down any buildings and is able to deploy bombs and can cause the failure of a round,but is unable to be backstabbed or headshotted,they will instantly drop the bomb upon reaching the last point by dropping it in,their arrival is announced by the administrator(20000-30000 HP)