The MVM Map Guide by Mein Kaiser

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Decoy, first of all was built By Soldier.Be aware compared to the other maps it is very short so don't let scouts get by, Tanks emerge from the mineshaft and robots emerge from the rocks above the basin.Be aware that there are separate rooms and levels that can possibly separate the players from the robots.There is a ravine infront of your base, use it to airblast the Bomb Carrier off to delay them.As well try and place teleporters and other buildings where the Robots won't notice these buildings so you can gain some easy kills. Coal Town, many buildings to shoot from so use wranglers when you can as Engineers, as well many of the windows in the map you can shoot through with your sentries or be a sniper,Set up teleporters on the roofs of buildings so if there invading you can get behind the bots and destroy them,The robots emerge either from the left and right sides or mainly in the front part of the map, where the fences and judgement shed is located, one final thing, remember to use Pyro to airblast the bomb carriers into hazard areas to restart the bomb. Mannworks, Robots emerge from the top of the ravines on the left and right, Snipers usually emerge from the cave, tanks emerging from behind the wooden barriers.Engineers remember to place your sentries on the building near the Robot Entrance to cover the entire field,and for Pyros remember that the fairly large entrance point can be your advantage for example, Airblasting Sentry Busters in front of the sentry range so they will take damage as they will get to the sentry they are going For, due to the large landscape of the map the robotic demos and soldiers can shoot their weapons at long distances to deliver more damage unless their in small sizes, consider getting a heavy to get the Deflector upgrade and a nearby dispenser to stop this Over all, be aware that the waves will usually go up in difficulty over time, like for example I having to face 9 Charged Soldiers,12 Uber Medics,2 Tanks,9 Giant Heavies,Scout Support,Sniper Support, all in the final wave once so look out. Thanks for reading