New Vanilla WEAPON LOADOUT TF2 Server, 24/7, Stats coming soon! Come join!

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Hello all! Are you tired of the crutch weapons people use, hate random crits, or maybe just want to feel how the old Team Fortress 2 was? Come join our server, The Sandvlch Eaters! We are a new server looking for new players that would be interested in joining to have a fun and great time. We will try everyday to get everyone in the server, play, and if you want to leave after go right ahead! Doing this will make the server have a lot of players at the moment and get people just looking through the browser to notice and join! We need help! Info on the server is here! Join the group! Please read all of it, we will be adding more things to the server! (Such as Stat tracking)
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Hey. Thanks for putting this up. Great information.