MVM Weapon Guide By Mein Kaiser

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Sniper: Hitsman Heatmaker:Only use this if your able to aim into large hordes of robots, can provide some damage to giants if they are shot in head with full Damage,but be aware that if you don't hit the head 20% of damage is off. Sydney Sleeper:A sniper rifle that can coat their opponents in Jarate, which can help with giants and other annoying robots, but it won't perform headshots. Bazaar Bargain:Like the Heatmaker, only use this if you have good headshot aim but it will become your advantage if you use it properly. Machina:Due to the damage going up and projectile penetration,it can serve a good way to shoot through several regular robots at one time or damage a giant. Huntsman:Like the regular Huntsman it does high damage when pulled back fully, and will apply critical hits if a opponent is hit in the head, I would ask to get more clips or arrows for it and get a bleed effect Razorback:Should only used if a Spy is lurking around. Cozy Camper:For snipers who will zoom in and out often and stay in one spot. SMG:If a Robot gets to close like a Scout, it can be used to attempt to pick them off, but be aware in close range it isn't that strong against a heavy or giant version. Cleaners Carbine:Could be very effective when used by a good wielder,when killing a weakened bot it can be used to deliver much pain to the other bots due to it giving 3 seconds of guaranteed crits. Darwins Danger Shield:For snipers who wish to live longer,but does not have good conjunction with any other sniper rifles, as your forced to stay back from the lines and have to engage spies with your melee weapon where they will usually use their revolver Jarate:I would use this the most since it can apply Mini crits to whoever it lands on,you can put the recharge duration up to throw more out, could be used with a Sydney Sleeper when wanting to cover as much bots with Jarate as possible.