Despite some other opinions, this game isn't as bad as it seems...

User Rating: 7.5 | Taz Wanted PS2
For those who are fans of Looney Tunes (who wouldn't be?) and aren't really a fan of their video games (that's understandable), well this may be the "change for the better" idea, due to this game, is actually a decent game!

Story: 7.5 (The story is not really gripping, but still has some humor involved throughout the story, even some plot twists)
Graphics: 8.5 (The visuals are somewhat close to actual animation, which is always a "plus")
Music: 8 (Sounds like Looney Tunes, so that's what you should expect in this game, although some tunes may get annoying when someone is constantly hearing them over and over...)
Controls: 8 (They work as they should, minus the irritating camera)
Sound: 10 (Actual Looney Tunes voice actors/actresses, that is REQUIRED in a Looney Tunes game, and the humor is hilarious [the first time playing, anyway])

The story starts off with the Tasmanian Devil, or "Taz" going on with this "girlfriend" "She-Devil", and then Yosemite Sam randomly captures the two and they are separated. Taz escapes and quickly (surprisingly) discovers that Sam is opening a theme park and is advertising the two, and this clearly angers Taz and then upon his escape Sam has his "men" (other Looney characters) place wanted signs of Taz allover the place in order to recapture him.

The game-play is pretty cool honestly, playing Taz is like what you would expect, full of spinning, biting, and several antics of humor within the gameplay (the exaggeration of the "wanted posters", the disguises used to help progress in levels and or guards, eating things in order to gain scores and etc.) The "combat" is kind of comical, those you fight (other than bosses) are poachers who are trying to recapture Taz, or jack-in-the-boxes who guard areas from Taz, or level-exclusive enemies that seemingly just get in the way, and they can be disposed of via power ups (soda, peppers, bubble gum, etc.), so it's basically a game made for the Tasmanian Devil, which is pretty neat for those who even like cartoons, Looney Tunes especially (there is a long list of cameos and references of famous characters), it's just great...EXCEPT the camera. The camera can really make "Taz" jump blindingly to his demise, or refuse to stay at an angle according to Taz's current position, which can get tiresome and infuriating, which sometimes ruins some, but not all of the game's humorous experience.

In summary, I recommend trying this game at list via rent, since this game is great for one play-through or so, but the replay value starts to diminish quickly, and is at average a decent game worth playing at least for a casual moment of the day.