this game is so awsome! And so underappreciated. How it got a 5.0 ill never know.

User Rating: 8.5 | Taz Wanted GC
This game packs many surprises, from mini-games to great multi player. Sure its only a two player game but its something ill gladly over look. Its so fun eating stuff and then spitting it back out and making it hit your enemies. Also, the power-ups are great. All you can do is wait on what you will get in each level. The spinning ability is also very cool, as you can destroy many objects. This game is so addictive. The basic plot is that Yosemite Sam has captured Taz, but luckily he has escaped and so he has taken Taz's girlfriend along with his island, and turning it into cheap theme park! And on top of that, Sam has put TAZ WANTED! posters! you have to destroy these posters. They are different kinds, from stop signs to being on trucks, and on giant eggs. you go past 4 worlds, with 3 stages, with 7 TAZ WANTED! posters in each. once you get to the last boss, you will find out that it was not Sam who devised this plan all along. It was... I cant believe it! I never expected this! well, you'll just have to play the whole thing to know who did this, because im not going to spoil it. This game's great!