Good memories...if only i had it back after a long 6 years......

User Rating: 8.5 | Taz Wanted XBOX
Taz: Wanted was such a good game. It brings back good memories. Im just going to review it because it was fun. See, my nephew back in the day borrowed it and never gave it back but said he did. LONG time ago. I never seen it since...sigh.....Oh well let me review it i guess.

You play as Taz the Tazmanian Devil. The storyline is ammusing and the tutorial is fun. I can barely remember anything about this game so bare with me. Good storyline, fun music, sweet levels and so on.

My favorite part of the game i can remember is where ur in the construction site level. That was freaking awesome. The graphics were well put together for an XBOX and it was just addicting to me. It's a old game, but i loved it.

You also went around collecting sandwiches and destroying signs and fun stuff like that.

Overall this game to me is precious. *WAS* precious. It was a very good game. It might be old, but it was just so fun and brings me back some memories. I just wish i had it back right now so so so bad! I guess ill never get it back. Its been lost since i was like 8 or 9 i dont remember but man i loved this game. I give this classic, fun game an 8.5 out of 10. =( cry cry cry. LOL i know im too old for it now but i just wanna play it one last time...OH well....