best tales game ever?

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#1 Posted by Z_e-R_O_-_B_o_b (25 posts) -
just pre ordered tales of xilla hope its one of the best, but what your favorite tales game of all time mine would have to be tales of the abyss
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Tales of Xillia 2. I liked the characters, Ludger = best Tales of protagonist and It has the best story out of all Tales of games.

Sadly they rushed Tales of Xillia 1 a bit too much, It lacks sidequests and the frame drops when you're against human characters will literally make you cry, specially when you see It happening on some major battles. [spoiler] final boss included, which was when manly tears were shed from me [/spoiler]

It's still a great game though

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I wonder if it is the best or not. I'll have to wait and find out. My favorite.... I like them all for their own reasons but I'd say Destiny II.(Known as Eternia, mainly.)

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I am playing tales of xillia now, but to be honest I loved tales of grace f out of all the tales games because of the combat and the fact that there was romance that wasn't just hinted at.


I think the story in Xillia might be better though, but the combat in tales of grace should have been passed on to later tales games too bad they went back to older tales style imo.

still fun and can't wait for xillia 2

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Vesperia for sure !
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That would now go to Tales of Xillia.

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As much as I liked Tales of Graces F and Vesperia, I must say Tales of Xillia is my current favorite. The battle system is top notch and the story is engaging. I started with Milla and I plan to play Jude's story next. 

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Im enjoying Xillia alot. The battle system is top notch, and the web upgrade system is reminiscent of Final Fantasy X. Gracesf had alot more humor which although Xillia doesnt lack it, it definitley could use more funny moments. 9 out of 10 for me!!

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Xilla is an ok game, but fails compaired to other Tales in the series. 


Best Tales is probably Symphonia its a classic, Followed by Abyss and Vesperia. Though Graces gets the win for most amusing character with Pascal, she made that game.