Just plain fun!

User Rating: 9 | Tales of Vesperia X360
Being the first Tales game to appear on the Xbox 360, Vesperia could have failed like so many RPGs on the 360 in the past. But this one truly shines where others have faded. The battle system is fun, the graphics are amazing, and the story, while somewhat cliched, is still entertaining.

You want to keep playing and if there's any gauge for a game, the desire to keep playing trumps any faults the game has. And it does have a couple. Being limited to 15 of each item can lead to frustrating boss battles. Not being able to synthesize simple items was also disappointing.

I can't help but grin each time i play. The characters are memorable, and thankfully only a few are annoying (mostly minor characters). The humor in the game is perfect. Funny for kids, but mature enough for an adult such as myself to still enjoy. Overall, Tales of Vesperia is just plain fun.

Highly recommended!