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I'm having trouble enjoying this game. Coming from Xillia, I was expecting a fast paced fun battle system. IF anything, I would describe the system as slow and sluggish with weird input lag problems. For example, immediately after targetting, if i don't deliberately refrain from moving for a second, it will automatically select a different target because the R1 targetting mode sticks for a second after it disappears. If I quickly press a different direction to do an attack in the opposite direction i'm running from, I often find that I do an attack in the wrong direction because the game doesn't register any quick movements. And the animations ... they take so long.

I'm currently playing through the part where you take on a whole bunch of pirate like enemies with Yuri alone on top of some sort of storm blastia tower. Any suggestions on how to play the game "better?" I can beat this battle but I'd like to try without spamming health items.