Most Under appreciated game for the 3DS yet when compare to all the hype Fire Emblem is Getting.

User Rating: 8.5 | Tales of the Abyss 3DS
When I first found out about this game I was surprised to find out their was a whole different popular JRPG game franchise out there besides Final Fantasy that actually delivers the kind of game play I want in a Final Fantasy game. I saw all the voice dialog and cutscenes a year ago and i decided 2 months ago to try the game out.... and I'm not at all dissatisfied with my decision for choosing to buy an RPG with great divers character, story, villains!, and game play that is still keeping me engaged in wanting to compele it. However, what I am disappointed about is how under hyped this game was when it was one of the first few games that came out around the time the 3DS launched. Well not just this game but all JRPG's in general because a lot of developers feel that the general American audience wont buy a game unless its a shooter, has multiplayer, and has high graphics; resulting in many great games like this one and many other JRPG games (Xenoblade and The Last Story) to fly under the radar and also not get localized outside of Japan.

I would highly sugest this game to anyone who just bought a 3DS and wants a game that they will enjoy taking their time to beat and be engaged in a great story. score 8.5