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User Rating: 9.3 | Tales of Symphonia GC
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Tales games have always used what Namco calls the "linear motion battle system," a real-time, 2D battle engine that lets you move around the field and attack foes at will. Tales of Symphonia uses an expanded version of this system that's fast, fun, and easy to master. By default, you'll directly control your main character in battle (who is almost always Lloyd) and your teammates will act according to their artificial intelligence. The battlefields are 3D, so you will have enemies fanned out a bit, but your movement is still two dimensional--only forward and back--so you are aligned with the current monster you have targeted. If the enemies are clustered together close enough, you can hit several with one type of attack. The A button controls your standard melee swipes, while the B button triggers your special tech attacks. You can have numerous tech attacks mapped at any given time that correspond with pressing B alone or in conjunction with moving your analog stick in a certain direction. You can block incoming attacks by hitting the X button. Mastering blocking becomes very important, especially with bosses with huge attacks that would otherwise hit for devastating damage

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