The perfect rpg

User Rating: 10 | Tales of Eternia (Premium Box) PS
Tales of eternia ( not to be confuse with ps2' title tales of destiny 2, the real sequel of tales of destiny) is a very masterpiece in almost every aspect.
This game in the western country is one of the less popular tales of game, seems that no one know about this ( thanks the poor market strategy of namco that released tales of eternia for psone in the ps2 era at the same time of final fantasy x) and this is why the game is criminally underrated.
The fantastic gameplay and the outstanding character development are the strong point of the game.

The positive

- astounding character development, very deep personality, rich background, amazing interaction that brings characters to live
- excellent anime storyline
- fantastic real time battle system
- very good magic system
- ton of excellent mini-games
- hard battles (difficulty is perfect)
- complexity
- ton of extra and secrets
- gorgeous watercolor graphics
- voice acting is good
- incredibly fun
- cook is really useful

The negative

- soundtrack is dull
- awful conversion, Namco really disappoint me, where's the skits? ton and ton of skits cut out!!! are you crazy?

graphics 10/10
sound 9/10
character development 10/10
gameplay 10/10
fun factor 10/10

lenght : with infinite amount of extra is needed more than 100 hours to complete everything
difficulty: hard game, new level of difficulty at the game+
replay value : really good, new game+ new extra, bonus dungeon, and a new level of difficulty