A really nice RPG for the PSP

User Rating: 9.5 | Tales of Eternia PSP
As a PS game brought over to the PSP it is excellent. The cover may not look very attractive and may put you off the game but don't let it its actually a really nice RPG.

Gameplay- The game play is everything you would want out of an RPG it has a good storyline and lots of stuff to do after you have completed it and during the game itself. The battle style is a 2D active time system that works really well. there is lots of stuff to do like there are titles to collect in the game collecting all of these can take some time which is still entertaining.

Graphics- The graphics are well some what outstanding always clear bright even in the darker places in the game.

Sound- The music has been updated from the original PS version and is now a lot clearer..

Summary- Well all I can say is thanks Namco for making a wonderful game I love RPG's but this is one of the most memorable, the game is not too expensive so if your an RPG fan and have a PSP its some thing definitely to look into