Tales of Destiny II is good game, check it out!

User Rating: 9.1 | Tales of Eternia (Premium Box) PS
Tales Of Destiny II is amazing game with lots of goodies, goodlooking graphics and good soundtrack. The story ain't FF like but its still good. Characters are interesting, one of the strong points of this story. But, lets move to here....

Gameplay: Very good battlesystem with realtime battles. Its in 2D but it has 3D sprites. Its great!

Graphics: Amazing and goodlooking. One of the best in PS!

Sound: Soundtrack is what it is. It's not so good than TOD1 had. Voice acting is good, though

Value: Long game with lots of extras. It took 23 hours to pass the game. In my second playthrough, it took 40 hours to get everything.

Tilt: GET IT IF YOU SEE IT! This game is rare nowadays. Of course, you can get it to PSP (If you have it, dont get PSP for only this game, it would be stupid :X)