One of the best script in gaming. Truly Enjoyable.

User Rating: 10 | Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series PS4

This is not the best game I have played but I really enjoyed the 7 hours the entire game last.

The major Pros of this game is the Characters: all the characters in the game are well developed. The robot, the humans, the monsters, all, have some kind of acting, personality and script that you feel very connected to the game (like you were watching a TV shows where characters development are the main focus). This is one of the few games I have played that made me laugh several time giving the smart, unique and funny acting and script behind the characters.

The major Cons I would like to make all of you aware of is: the lack of control this game offers to the characters. I mean, you can choose what to say everything and the decision you made can impact slightly the progress of the game. But in general, it is few the moments where you have control of the characters. There are moments were you can (if you want to) just watch the game without doing nothing because even no saying anything is an option. However, this Cons is fully offset by the excellent aforementioned Pros.

In Graphics, Sound and Gameplay departments, they are extremely basics. This game was intended to be played in several devices such as PC, Phones, Tablets, Console. So the developments in these departments are very limited but quality is very good.

If the Cons are not an issue for you. I highly recommended to play this game. It is cheap, short and sweet.

Note: Easiest and Enjoyable Platinum Trophy ever.