Playing a movie of one of my favorite games

User Rating: 8 | Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series PS4

*** If you haven't played any of the borderlands games before this I highly suggest playing them before***

My experience so far with all of the borderlands series has been great and this game held up to it. I have completed borderlands 2 (with all its DLC) and i'm working my way through the pre sequel as well as the borderlands 1 now. I enjoyed this game so much I immediately told my friends to play it who I play borderlands with. It is a fantastic and had me on the edge of my seat most of the game. This game is fine on it's own but if you have a good borderlands resume you will appreciate the game that much more. The most relevant topics that I think will help you decide if you like this game is as follow Story, Game play and controls, Graphics, Replay value, Fun Factor, and Trophies.

To wager if the story is good or not is difficult due to the fact it changes based on the decisions you make in the game itself, but in saying that you get to shape the story the way you want for the most part. Basically if you really don't like the outcome of your decision you can restart and change it (or make several save files.) I only played through it once so far and even though some of my choices didn't always make me happy with the outcome I didn't feel I had to go back and chose different to make the story good. Some of the episodes are slower then the others but when put all together the story holds up. If you have played the other borderland games in the franchise characters in the game make more sense and may influence your choices and this game does have some effect on your game play if you play it before the rest of the other games (It also can give you some sweet loot for the other games.) Basically the whole game your playing a movie about a tale in the border lands (hints the name) and it flips between the two main characters and them together. Overall the story holds up for one and all, but if you like the story parts of the borderlands franchise then this game is highly recommended for you.

The game play and controls if summed up are easy mode. Most of the times your watching cut scenes or making quick choices of dialogue that is line up next to the square, triangle, circle, and x buttons. Every now and then you make have to quick tap or move the analogue stick quickly a certain direction. As I said before your playing a movie for the most part so don't expect the gun slinging, grenade throwing, and skills using parts from the rest of the franchise. Overall a noob or pro can handle the controls and game play and even though the game does have a lot of action and adventure don't expect for you to be controlling most of it.

The graphics are a mirror of the rest of the borderlands franchise. They are excellent but not triple A. It has an almost cartoon look but it isn't silly looking. It is however exactly what it needs to be but if your a stickler for the details I would not only avoid this game but the whole franchise.

Replay value is huge in this game, even just episode to episode. This game has so many choices and so many outcomes, although I haven't just yet I would love to see what happens after every decision. As mentioned before this game is like playing a movie and it is a movie I would love to see again and again. This game also has some replay value if you haven't yet played the rest of the franchise due to a new understanding of the characters you will meet in the game will become more familiar or make more sense. Overall this game has huge replay value for many reasons, more then most games I have played.

Fun factor for this game is kinda hit or miss with me. I did have fun shaping the story, loved all the borderland references, and exploring some of these new characters but I did not feel challenged. I at no point thought that the game was even semi difficult. Some of the episodes were a little boring but needed to help make the story what it is. So overall I did enjoy the game but felt at no point I felt I faced any degree of difficulty.

If you are all about trophies then this game is one to add to your collection. You literally only have to play through all of the episodes and complete the game. You also get a platinum when you do complete the game. So if your a trophy hunter then this prey so easy to catch it traps itself.

I purchased a bundle for this game at 7 dollars (Canadian) and that is well worth the price. It is currently available for 15.99 (Canadian) for all the episodes or you can pay 4.99 for each episode. The first episode is free so give it a try but if you do end up wanting to try more just go for it and get the season pass. It is well worth it even not on sale if all the points you have read pushes this game in your favor or you consider it to be your "type" of game. If you are a borderlands fan GET THIS GAME! It is worth adding to your collection and holds up to the standards of a borderland game.