Tales from the Borderlands- My favourite game of 2015

User Rating: 10 | Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series XONE

This is my first ever written review of a game, so please bear with me. I decided to start with the best game I have recently played. Due to the nature of the game, I'll keep this spoiler free. Tales from the Borderlands is my first full experience of a Tell Tale Games series. I have dabbled in The Walking Dead, and it never quite grabbed me. But from the first minute, TftB had me hooked.

Humour is where this game is at its best. It delivers the well known goofy dialogue and over the top action that Gearbox got so right with the Borderlands shooter games, and mixes it wonderfully with the ingenious writing Tell Tale is known for. Intense action scenes, heart rending dialogue and satisfying throwbacks to Gearbox's beloved games are littered throughout the five episodes, and they all make you fall in love with this game every five minutes. But all of them put a smile on your face, and a lot made me laugh out loud. Some action sequences are so ridiculous they leave you wondering if they just happened. But it's delivered with such wit and charm, not only is it believable, it's what makes this game special.

The characters in Tales from the Borderlands are so spectacularly diverse, and the dialogue and emotions crafted so well, the investment in the game becomes very real. A bad decision causes regret on a scale few narrative driven games are capable of, and yet the gameplay itself is very well done, so depending on your preferences good outcomes are reasonably easy to obtain. TTG's signature blend of conversation options and quick time events is extremely effective.

In summary, Tales from the Borderlands is a mastery of narrative led gaming, and a fantastic example of story telling via any media. Whether you are a fan of Borderlands, Tell Tale Games, or neither, it's a game I cannot recommend enough. It engrosses from start to finish, and puts a smile on your face the entire time.