One of the best Telltale games

User Rating: 9 | Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series AND

The Good: Fantastic story that is memorable and full of Borderlands lore, loveable characters, fast moving story that runs at a good clip, plenty of moral choices, great visuals

The Bad: Quick time events are the only pieces of gameplay, each episode can't stand on its own

Borderlands is well known as a shooter RPG hybrid but with little to no story.There's a lot of potential with a great Borderlands story and Telltale games finally delivered that. TftB is a fantastic story driven game with memorable characters and enough Borderlands lore and quips to make a fan faint. The visuals are great and there's a lot to walk away from after completing it.

You start out by playing as two characters in this game, Rhys and Fiona. Rhys is a Hyperion corporate employee and Fiona is a Pandorian con artist. The whole goal of the game is to open The Vault of the Traveler and find its hidden treasures. The entire point of any Borderlands game is to open a mysterious Vault. The game is mostly comprised of flashbacks as a man is dragging you two through the desert and having you retell your story leading up to the point of capture. This mysterious figure is well hidden and I couldn't guess who it was for the life of me and the unveiling was so surprising. Telltale are masters of surprise and plot twists and TftB has plenty of them.

Like most Telltale games, there's not much gameplay involved, just enough to make you feel like it's a game. However the stories are so fantastic that you won't care much. There are a lot of quick time events and moral choices in the game. These choices are the key component of any Telltale adventure and are what make them memorable. Some choices don't matter so much and some can change the course of the entire game. TftB doesn't have as many story changing choices like say The Walking Dead, but they do make a difference and can be tough to decide on. Putting your own moral compass in the game is what makes these games so memorable and I love it.

Each episode usually switches back and forth between Rhys and Fiona from Pandora to Hyperion and back. The game truly felt like a long adventure and was very satisfying and fulfilling all the way to the very end. The game has a large scope and there are plenty of Borderlands stuff in here for fans. Opening loot crates can give you cash to use in game, there are various jokes, and even cameos of Vault Hunters from previous games. I also felt that the story was told at a decent clip and never got slow and boring or felt rushed, each episode probably doesn't stand on its own, but as a whole the game is wonderful.

I want to complain about the exclusive quick time events being the only thing that consists of gameplay, but I won't because it works for the game. There's action, drama, and plenty of comedy thrown in that any Borderlands fan will love. The visuals aren't technically impressive, but the meld of Telltale's art style and Borderlands is a perfect match here and it feels like an actual Borderlands game which is what counts.

In the end, no matter what console you play it on, TftB impresses on every level and tells a story that any fan will love and approve of. Even non Borderlands fans will like the game. TftB is a perfect formula of how you do a franchise spin-off and do it right.