Telltale Games Require Different Expectations: Overall Rating of Telltale Games = 9/10

User Rating: 9 | Tales from the Borderlands: A Telltale Game Series PS3

Telltale games play more like an interactive book: and, not every gamer appreciates story-driven, episodic, choice-centric gameplay.

If you seek highly fueled adrenaline-rushing, First-Person Shooter gameplay then other games of a completely different genre exist for you (and sometimes me). If you've played any of the Telltale games then you know they have created a different genre altogether with their subscription-like releasing of story-driven, episodic gameplay based upon already established stories.

When I first played a Telltale game, around the time I had just grinded through a Platinum in Dead Space 2, I thought "wtf with this X button-mashing response to slow-moving and simple attacking zombies!

Where's my hard-earned arsenal of specialized weapons and controller-skill-testing death-avoiding headshot-or-die adrenaline-producing battle in dark cavern-like atmospheres void of life and, at times, even air?

And so I stopped playing the first episode of Telltale's Walking Dead at least for few weeks (if not months) and went on to play Dead Space 1 after working backwards from DS3.

After getting my fill of FPS action-based Dead Space games I shifted gears and played the The Last of Us. After completing, and thoroughly enjoying, TLOU (a zombie Role-Playing action game midway between the Dead Space series and TT's The Walking Dead) I decided to see if I could now enjoy Telltale's approach story-driven gameplay. A combination of both my experience with TLOU and a conscious effort to judge TT's effort more like a book and not like anything like an FPS action experience really allowed me to appreciate Telltale's effort - and this relatively new genre.

Telltale games are player/character story-driven RP games that de-emphasize arsenals, shooting, and most of what First Person Shooter games emphasize. So,if you seek adrenaline rushing FPS gaming with cool and creative arsenals, swarming attacks, and big boss showdowns -- then keep looking. But, if you can also appreciate well-written stories, whether in games, TV series, movies, comics, or books, then you might also appreciate TellTale games for their story-driven efforts and the genre they have seemingly created and mastered.

BTW I have no relationship with Telltale other than as a gamer: and, I have played (and enjoyed) TT's The Walking Dead (Seasons 1 & 2) , The Wolf Among Us, The Game of Thrones, and now look forward to starting Telltale's Tales of the Borderlands. I've completed Borderlands 2 and place it amongst my all time favorites; but, I know to expect an altogether different "Telltale" Borderlands experience: and, yet this adrenaline junky can still look forward to their rendition of a Borderlands tale knowing that my gaming hunger must also feed upon well-written, unpredictable, interactive stories even as a Vault Hunter.