Take On Mars Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Locate the old Russian Mars 3 lander 15 Seconds Of Fame
    Reach Tech Level 9 and get the Large Rover 6-Wheeled Behemoth
    Acquire satellite data of Kaiser Crater A Dutchman's Tribute
    Locate the ancient Monolith Ancient Relic
    Acquire satellite data of Gale Crater Aussie Accolade
    Reach Tech level 5 and get the Large Lander Because Size Matters
    Earn a total of $1,000,000K Billion Dollar Grant
    Break off at least 1 instrument or camera while controlling a vehicle Careless
    Break off at least 10 instruments or cameras while controlling a vehicle Catastrophic Failure
    Perform an analysis on the ancient Monolith Curiosity Kills The Cat
    Break off at least 5 instruments or cameras while controlling a vehicle Destructive
    Use an exploit to earn a total of $1,000,000K in a single target Dodgy Dave
    Reach Tech level 7 and get the Medium Rover Double The Wheels
    Use an exploit to slow the frame rate down to 0.5fps for at least 5 seconds Half-Frame Frank
    Explore Mars for a total of at least 333 hours Hardened Veteran
    Take your first analysis on the Martian surface It's All About The Science
    Explore Mars for a total of at least 3 hours Keys To The Rover
    Find evidence of life on Mars Life As We Know It
    Locate the lost Beagle 2 lander Lost And Found
    Successfully make your first landing on Mars Made On Earth
    Reach Tech level 11 and get all available technology Mars And Beyond
    Complete all Major missions in the Space Program Mars Conqueror
    Complete a total of 100 Explore targets Mars Explorer
    Complete a total of 100 Photo targets Mars Paparazzi
    Complete a total of 100 Analyze targets Mars Scientist
    Drive a total of 21km (or 13mi) with a Rover Martian Half-Marathon
    Acquire satellite data of Victoria Crater Martian Magellan
    Drive a total of 42km (or 26mi) with a Rover Martian Marathon
    Drive a total of 1km (or 0.62mi) with a Rover Martian Sprint
    Drive 5km (or 3.1mi) at night in one go without using Night Vision Night Owl
    Earn a total of $100,000K One Hundred Million And Counting
    Snap your first picture of the Martian terrain Postcard From Mars
    Generate a total of one Gigawatt of power Power Plant
    Explore Mars for a total of at least 33 hours Practise Makes Perfect
    Escape the Mars Yard Renegade Rover
    Construct your own vehicle from scratch in the Rover Lab Rover Engineer
    Reach Tech level 3 and get the Small Rover Roving With Technology
    Find the secret room at Mission Control Secrets Of The Known World
    Use an exploit to reach Tech level 11 in a single target Shifty Shaun
    Earn a total of $10,000K Ten Million For The Agency

    Contributed by: Guard Master