Probably the best Strategy Game I ever played

User Rating: 9.5 | Take Command: 2nd Manassas PC
I've played alot of RTS games but none compare to this one. Take Command: 2nd Manassas puts you in command of which ever army you like best wheater it be the Federal or Confederate. What makes this such a great strategy game from any others is the fact that you need to watch EVERYTHING you do with your army. EVERYTHING and i mean **EVERYTHING** decides how they fight in battle. One example of this is If you march a brigade to the other side of the map to fight they will be weary or too tired to fight making the fight harder for them to win.

One of the unique factors of this game is that your brigades have grades. The grading system shows how well they are doing through easily + and - if they are getting a good score you will not see the - symbol, however if they are doing bad you will see the - and you may want to re-think a strategy.

Another great thing about this game is that the battles last a long time and each engagement must be planned out very carfully. You need to watch your army very closely and watch it's morale, grade, ammo, etc. However the enemy has to watch this too. You also need to watch your flanks your enemy is constantly trying to out flank you which brings us to the enemy AI. This is probably the toughest AI i've faced in a long time. The enemy constnatly tries to fool you in causing diversions and flanking and out flanking you over and over again, this makes for a VERY great challenge. I remember in one battle the enemy started to stack 3 brigades infront of my defensive line but did not attack, drew my attention out to their brigades however i didn't see the 2 brigrades trying to circle around my flank tengage me from the rear.

I recommend this game to any person who loves RTS you will not be disappointed trust me. I can not stop playing this game and the replay value extreme you can replay battles over and over again with several differnt outcomes.

The only downfalls to the game are the cartoonish characters and some sound issues. I would of also like some classical music played in the backround of each engagment but that's not a big issue.