They have something special here!

User Rating: 9.8 | Take Command: 2nd Manassas PC
It has been awhile since I got addicted to game. The last time was when X-COM defense came out. This one provides alot of game play. You can go back and start over set different stratgies and it will be a totally diferent game.

The battle fields are indeed just gorgeous, aswell as the UI. It's simple to learn and navigate in the game. Some say its slow pace and maybe it is, but what war is fast pace especially when you are trying to out smart your enemy. Kudos should be given to the guys at MadGames. They truly did an excellant job of making this an outstanding civil war game.

The AI is superb I have yet to see any real weaknesses with it, Batteries will unlimber at the right time and retreat when they have too. Got a good aray of shots to fire aswell. Morale and fatigue play a big role here also.

You can hide you units in the forest and come out and surpise the opposing forces ( if yas r good enough) LOS does work in this game.

I can go on about this game on how good it is, but I have to say whoever reads this needs to see it for themselves to fully appreicate it.