Revolutionary!! The time for us CW lovers are over. The Take Command: 2nd Manassas bring you the heat.

User Rating: 9 | Take Command: 2nd Manassas PC
My experience of this game is from the BETA version.

If you have been waiting for a CW game that challenge you 2nd Manassas have most of that compared with others CW games out there. Command battery, infantry, cavalry as a brigade, division commander, or be the army commander and control either the Union Army or the Confederate. Get orders and make own decisions.

But beware the AI is outstanding and plan every little move you make so think twice before you give orders or plan an assualt.

If you think your subordinates cant handle the troops just take command of the troops.

2nd Manassas gives you a feeling that you can do what desires you.
If you dont want to play just start a open play and watch the battle.

This BETA of 2nd Manassas of MadMinute Games is worth to wait for the game to show up.

This Game Rock!

Daniel Davidsson