A truly innovative wargame. Allows to command massive armies with an AI intuitive enough to alleve micromanagement.

User Rating: 9.5 | Take Command: 2nd Manassas PC
Ever wanted to control the broad strokes of a massive army while your subordinates interpret and execute your orders? Or just take charge of a division or brigade, and impact a small area of a massive battle all around you?
This game does a masterful job capturing every chain of command. If you chose to play as a general you feel like a general. You command massive armies, which prevents you from micromanaging. You have to rely on the wits and abilities of your subordinates as you execute grand strategy. As a division, brigade, or regiments commander you control a smaller portion of the battle, but you are in much more control. Each style is like playing a totally different game and is very rewarding!

2BR is the 2nd installment in the series, and the game already has a significant modding community in place. Tons of new uniforms, interfaces, scenarios, and historically accurate tweaks to the game engine are some of the things that we've seen already, and you can expect to see more.

There has to be plenty of people, like me, who loved the wargames of old... but yearned for something realtime, realistic, but most of all.... FUN. This is it. The game I've been waiting for, and I highly suggest anyone with an interest in wargaming to give it a try!