Would have given this game a higher score had it not crashed on me more than once.

User Rating: 4 | Tak: The Great Juju Challenge DS
This is one of the first DS games I purchased when I first bought my DS online and judged the game off a few pictures. It was worthwhile while it lasted.

My biggest problem with this is after the second or third level, every time I start a new level the game froze and I would have to restart. So, I would restart at the beggining of a new level, finish it, then just as I began the new level, it froze again. This problem annoyed me after just two levels so I purchased another (used) copy and had the same problems Again!

Well, just my look that I sold this game and haven't looked back since, but without knowing it was based off a kids TV show, this is one game worth trying once.

The action is pretty straight forward where you complete a level to move on to a challenge or puzzle. 3D graphics comprise the rather short, but fun levels and Tak and that other guy do a good job of having to mix and match characters to level challenges.

Besides the level freezing issue, the only complaint I have against this game is the short and easy levels. But don't take my word for it, give it a try for yourself!