2D fun for everyone

User Rating: 8.7 | Tak: The Great Juju Challenge GBA
I actually quite enjoyed this title. It was not to difficult, but it had enough in it to keep you interested. I am also glad that the game was not any longer, reason is, it would have become irritating. Playing as Lok and Tak you need to work your way through 5 worlds, each with 3 stages, 1 boss and a race. Each world has a different theme with some interesting character bosses at the end that you need to defeat to go on in the Challenge. Although the game says that it is a "Challenge" it did not feel like this to me. It was more like a 2D Shooter. The only part that really felt like you are in a competition is the Cart racing at the end of each level. This was an amazing little feature that I really enjoyed playing. I am a fan of Car games. I know you would not say so by looking at my Game list, but I am.

The Graphics is fun, well animated and colorful. The sound is fantastic. I really liked this game. Although I would have liked to ride more Rhino's :)