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User Rating: 7.3 | Tak: The Great Juju Challenge DS
I recently came across a copy of Tak: TGJC for 15 bucks at that retail monster that shall remail nameless. While not expecting a revolutionare game along the lines of Super Mario 64 (or it's remake), I was at least expecting a decent platformer. That's exactly what i got. Content to be a "C" student, the game breaks no new ground, although it doesn't do a lot of things extremely bad. One major complaint is that the platform elements seem like an afterthought, as they are slightly underwhelming. The minigames, however, are much more interesting for the most part. I got lightheaded from blowing into the mic during the flying minigame, and I must say I enjoyed it. Other games make use of the unique DS features. At the bottom of the barrel are the terrible racing minigames. The controls are not tightened up nearly enough to prevent multiple (and I mean multiple) retries. It gets rather boring, and I'd have prefered it not be required to progress through the game. The graphics are pretty detailed, and look a step above N64. The game has an earthy color pallette and it fits the game well. My only complaints are the lack of ambient life in the levels and the flat surfaces. The music and sounds give of a jungle type of feel. All in all, not bad, but not worth writing home about, unless, that is you are still living at home. In that case, write home because it won't cost you a thing.