This is the game to play if you have someone to play it with.

User Rating: 9.2 | Tak: The Great Juju Challenge PS2
Wow, I’m a little disappointed with the review this game received. I think you have to keep the audience in mind when considering what you think about it. This is definitely not targeted for a single player or just for kids or adults. This is perfect for parents, especially single ones, or for anyone who wants to do something other then watch the little mermaid (or like movie) for the hundredth time when visiting anyone with kids. In fact, the replay value of this game will probably be the same as the number of times your child has watched the Emperor’s New Groove since it is reminiscent of the movie down to the voice and characteristics of Lok (Kronk).

Game play: If your kid is past the button mashing point, they should have no problem playing this. I was actually impressed with this aspect of the game due to the fact that it relies so heavily on team work. This is a welcome change from most platform games because even if a two player mode is offered it is focused more on competition even to the point of eliminating the other player.

Where most games get harder by giving you increasingly harder maneuvers to do just to get to the other side of the screen, by the monsters getting bigger and faster, or by incorporating so many hidden things that you have to go back and look for them to go on, this game just comes up with more (often humorous) ways your characters help each other out. I’d suggest letting your child play Lok because he spends a lot of time throwing Tak around to accomplish things.

I didn’t understand why the reviewer had such a problem with needing a minimum score or that you had to do a level at least twice in some cases. I normally hate timers and it was really hard not to finish with time to spare. Most games I’ve played you have to go through levels numerous times to find something (unless you have a hint guide) or just because you died before the finish. I played this game with my girlfriend and the first run we just had fun (especially since she got so much enjoyment out of picking me up and throwing me off of things) and by the second time we knew where everything was and had no trouble coming in first place.

The only real problem I could see is the split screen causing problems for anyone with a small TV.

Graphics: This game far exceeded my expectations for graphics for its genre. Personally, I always consider this feature more of icing on the cake. As long as they meet a certain standard, better graphics don’t always enhance a game. I feel games that go out of their way on graphics are normally compensating for something or trying to make up for just regurgitating the same level over and over with a new look. In this game, since the levels were timed, better graphics would have taken away from the action. It would take away precious seconds if you wanted to be wowed by the details and textures of the environments you were trying to speed through. If you want killer graphics, get a PC game. There is no shortage of games that have nothing new to offer besides a better paint job.

Sound: I don’t see how this is even something to rate a game on. I’ve never wanted to buy the sound track to a game. The only thing I look for about the music in the game is if I can turn it off when it gets too annoying. Ambient noises are cool but not absolutely necessary and in the game things went “squish” and “kaboom” when they were supposed to. However, voice acting is a big thing for me and definitely worth rating. If the characters don’t sound cool, it’s harder to like them. Also, any game that forces you to listen to, “Yay! We did it!” after every battle you are in should be heavily penalized. This game actually got bonus points for having the same guy who played “Kronk”.

I’m a little disappointed in game spot for not having separate rating categories for originality, creativity, humor, storyline and many other things. I’d rather encourage developers to continue finding something new then pat them on the back for repackaging the same old thing.

I had more fun playing this as a two player game then I’ve had playing any one player game in a long time. Sure, it’s a little on the kiddy side but that doesn't take away from the enjoyment. More over, this game made me laugh and that is worth more to me than endless gore or the ability to steal a car. It all really comes down to what you like though but comparatively I believe this game stands out. I score it so high just because there isn't really anything to compare it to as far as a two player game.