The Minigames are fun for passing the time but the game game is a real dissapointment.

User Rating: 6.3 | Tak: The Great Juju Challenge DS
Tak is one of those games that just seems brocken like there is a good game under the rusted careless mess it is. For exaple the 3d grapics are nice but the camera angles are a mess. The enemies look like a a 3rd grader made them. And the power upgrades are not that noticable. While the platforming is nice is some parts the racing game games on the other hand suck it like trying to drive while blind flonded. The only good part about this game are the mini games they are alot of fun to unlock. And play becuase some of them are great ti kill the time with now i would say rent this game but if you want to play the mini games you have beat the game but i wouldnt say play it so maybe you should just drop it or borrow it from a friend so sorry guys i give this one a pass.