Ummm...its ok.

User Rating: 7.7 | Tak 2: The Staff of Dreams GC
Tak is back in an all new adventure. This game is way better than the first. Troubled with strange dreams, Tak can feel a dark juju emanating from an unfamiliar world. Equipped with new powers, Tak bravely ventures outside the Pupanunu tribe and discovers an evil beyond his wildest dreams.

There are many types of items used in Tak 2. Tools are one part of the items. These include the Thwark, the Bolas, and the Dream Shaker. Collectibles include feathers, mana spheres, and tiki totems.

There are also many animals that can help you out on your adventure. These include bears, beavers, bees, frogs, gators, skunks, squirrels, and wild boars.

There is a multiplayer mode that can be played with up to two players. Player one selects the number of levels. The type of game happens randomly. The players compete to get to the top of the temple. Who ever gets there first, wins.

There are also new enemies. There are two new types of them. One type is the Woodies and the other type is the Nightmare Creatures. The Woodies are made up of bits of wood and vine that have been animated by magic. There are three types of these creatures. Nightmare Creatures are made from the staff of dreams. There are five types of these creatures.