If you are a Taito fan, then pick up Taito Memories II Gekan (Vol. 2) immediately!

User Rating: 8 | Taito Memories II Gekan PS2
Taito Memories II Gekan includes the following 25 games:

( * = Game is also on Taito Legends 1 or 2 for PS2 )

Field Goal
Great Swordsman*
Sea Fighter Poseidon
Buggy Challenge
Onna Sanshirou
Metal Soldier Issac II
Haley's Comet
Riku Kai Ku Saisenzen
Operation Wolf*
Full Throttle
Chase H.Q.
Plump Pop*
Rainbow Island Extra
Night Striker
Battle Shark*
Final Blow
Master of Weapon
Thunder Fox*
Warrior Blade: The Rastan Saga Episode III
Bubble Symphony

This is a great compilation because there are 18 games that haven't been released outside of Japan on disc, many of which are quite good like standouts Chase H.Q., Night Striker, and Haley's Comet.

If you already have Taito Legends 1 and 2, this is still very much worth picking up and I highly recommend it!