An In Depth Review, from a classic gamer.

User Rating: 8.4 | Taito Legends XBOX
Okay , I don't know how in-depth I will actually be, but I always figured these collections should be graded based on the games it includes.
Now first off , it's understood the graphics are not up to par compared to modern day. I wont penalise a game for this. I will be grading based on game play. How fun is it. That is what counts after all.

1) BATTLE SHARK : you spend your time under and over the water shooting enemy ships and subs in this game. A side scrolling third person shooter. I remember shoving quarters into this as a kid. It was fun then and holds up well today. 8.0

2) BUBBLE BOBBLE : It would be easy to dismiss this game as childish based on how it looks. You would be missing out on a decent little platformer though. Not a ground breaker, but still a pleasant diversion.

3) COLONY 7 : Dude this is like Missle Command on speed. Play it if you get a chance, but be warned it aint easy. 8.5

4) CONTINENTAL CIRCUS : An old school racer. For such an old game it does give you a good sense of speed. It can get you hooked to. It is a quarter eater, so along with winning the race you have to worry about making each check point. 9.0

5) ELECTRIC YO YO : A pac-man like game where you have to devour the dots, while avoiding whatever it is trying to hit you. Not bad, not great but you could kill some time with it. 6.5

6) ELEVATOR ACTION : You are a spy trying to get to the basement of a tall building all the while stealing secrets, and killing all the enemy agents you can. This is video game crack. 9.5

7 ) EXZISUS : I don't know what the name means for this third person side scrolling , it could mean addictive game that will have you playing for hours. 8.0

8) GLADIATOR : You play a gladiator doing battle with other warriors, your armor keeps you safe but you have to use your shield to protect your exposed parts. Not exactly the most fun to be had on the disc. I think it's a flatliner. Take it or leave it. 5.0

9) GREAT SWORDSMAN : A fencing game. you use your buttons to control wether you want to block or strike a high mid or low blow. By all acounts, this should not be as fun as it is. I can easily find myself drawn into this game. Although I think a more appropriate name would be "pretty good swordsman" 7.5

10) JUNGLE HUNT : As a kid I wasted many many many many hours playing this game. Thanks to Taito, and the fact that it still holds up, I can waste even more time as an adult. 9.5

11) The NEW ZEALAND STORY : This has to be the big diamond in the rough. I have never even heard of this game before, yet it is easy to learn and has a simple and enjoyable game play. 7.5

12) NINJA KIDS : It's an old school side scrolling fighter, much like the old X-men and TMNT game. Only this time you don't have to use quarters to continue. This actually takes a little of the pleasure away since you do not worry so much about losing your guys. It's fun though. 8.0

13) OPERATION THUNDERBOLT : A group of terrorists have hijacked a plane and it is up to you to rescue them. A first person rail shooter. Not too bad at all, it does suffer a little from not having light gun support, but it is still fun. 8.0

14) OPERATION WOLF : The original "operation" I could just photocopy the above review since it is nearly identical. 8.0

15) PHEONIX : Everyone loved this game back in the day. It still holds up to. It is a bit dirrivitive of Space Invaders or Galaga, but it stands on it's own. 9.5

16) PLOTTING : There is no puzzle to this puzzle game where you have to clear blocks by throwing similar blocks at them. No fun at all. 4.5

17) PLUMP POP : Okay, take the game breakout, instead off a spring board you have two puppies holding a trampoline bouncing another puppy into spaceships. Okay I can dig it. 7.5

18) RAINBOW ISLAND : This has to be one of the most childish platformers I have ever played. On the other hand. I have played it a lot, so it is fun. It wont win awards but it is on the plus side for this compilation. 7.5

19) RASTAN : This doesn't hold up as well as I remember it. It's still fun, but just not as much. It's a side scrolling fighter, where you play a barbarian type character. 7.0

20) RETURN OF THE INVADERS : I did not know this game existed. It isn't a bad sequel, it keeps the basics while expanding a bit on the details. Fun game. 8.0

21) SPACE GUN : Another first person rail shooter, like the operation games it's fun but needs gun support. This game is also more difficult, almost requiring multiplayer. 7.5

22) SPACE INVADERS : Any one my age will tell you how they played this for what seems like a year straight. Unfortunately, the old girl doesn't live up to it's old hype. It's as hard as ever, but it seems so slow any more. 7.5

23) SPACE INVADERS 2 : The only differance between this and the first game is this one is in color. 7.0

24) SUPER QIX : fill in as much of a picture as you can before the gremlin hits you. Why they included the sequel, and not the original, I don't know. I do know this is just as addictive and fun. 9.0

25) THUNDER FOX : This is a Double Dragon like side scroller. Fun yet not as good as DD. 7.5

26 ) TOKIO : Wow I haven't played an old school shooter like that in years. Good stuff. 8.5

27) TUBE IT : I have probably spent 100 hours on this game alone. It's a puzzle game in the same as Tetris. Hard as hell and very addictive. 10.0

28) VOLFIED : Basically it's QIX all over again. Fun game and occasionally you can fight back. 8.0

29) ZOO KEEPER : The main reason I bought this collection is this simple yet addictive game. If you ever get a chance to play it do so you wont be disappointed. 10.0

That's all of them, I am a little disapointed to see 3 versions of Space invaders and both Operation games here. They should have spread them through out the sequels. Other wise this is a strong collection.