Is this game legendary? On to the review!!!

User Rating: 8.2 | Taito Legends 2 PS2
Ok,first off,this game is tough to find since it's an EB/Gamestop exclusive to the US. Now,the first Taito legends had alot of good games,and while this collect has alot of good games,there's some stinkers there as well. If you're a shmup fan...get this game now. G-Darius,Darius Gaiden,Metal Black,and too many more to list. Lots of puzzle games as well. One thing though,the box says Puzzle Bobble 2 is on here,but it's not. We get Bust- a-Move Again...and it sucks. All the games are emulated nicely. Some of the older games leave alot to be desired...Legend of Kage,come on. Violence Fight is just as bad as i remembered. For the money though...this collection is worth every penny,i just wish it had the extras of the original.