This collection is cleary one of the more underated ones out there.

User Rating: 8 | Taito Legends 2 PS2
With the recent slate of classic video game collections being available for various consoles and handhelds, Empire Interactive obtains the license to bring 39 of Taito's classic arcade games on one PS2 DVD, and the end result is very nostalgic.

Graphically, the games on the collection are arcade-perfect, thanks to the miagic known as emulation. Each of the games are completely faithful to their original arcade counterparts. While some of the games are prehistoric, such as Lunar Lander and Alpine Ski, others are decked out in PSOne-calibur graphics, such as RayStorm and G Darius. As an added bonus, some games can be switched to their original aspect ratio, due to the orientation of the monitors at the time.

Soundwise, the games are still as good as they were 30-some years ago. The music and sound effects range from 8-bit music to full-stereo music, depending on which game you play. Also, the voice samples in some of the games are crystal clear, adding more to the faithfulness.

Controlwise, it is a mixed bag, with some games, such as Front Line and Wild Western, utilizing both analog sticks and the shoulder buttons. Other games, such as Cameltry, are best suited for the left analog stick, because they used paddles or other analog devices back in the day. All the other games, however, remain true to their arcade counterparts.

Gameplaywise, it is good,but not quite. There are some games, such as the notorius Violence Fight and Nastar Warrior, that are so difficult that it usually takes a bunch of quarters just to beat them. There are a few gems, such as The Legend of Kage, Qix and Elevator Action II, that are worth more than the purchase price of this collection.

Overall, this collection is excellent, although not all newer gamers would want to buy this just for and pick-up-and-play style, due to the difficulty level on some of them.