While not as good menu presentation-wise, the games on offer here are superior to the previous collection!!

User Rating: 8.7 | Taito Legends 2 PS2
Many classic compilations have come on the PS2, which are a dime a dozen on that platform. Taito has been in business since 1978, and has quite an established history. The name doesn’t carry the same weight as it did back then, but when they first appeared, they helped established the golden age of arcades. They also have quite a library of arcade games. Do they stand the test of time?

When comparing the sequel to the original, some things it does better while others it disappoints, yet does it compare to the original?

Menu presentation wise, this one disappoints. The reason is that while the original had a lot of bells and whistles, this one is just some simple DVD menu with only games available. While it does have customizable controls (something that was missing from the last one) and skill levels, everything else that was in the first one is not in the second. The games here, however, are a different story.

Alpine Ski:
This is a downhill ski race where you ski down a slope while avoiding trees, rocks and other stuff. It’s quite enjoyable.

Arabian Magic:
This one is more of a hack n’ slash beat em up that is similar to Guardian Heroes, but in an Arabian theme. It’s very enjoyable.

Balloon Bomber:
This is where you have to shoot balloons while making sure the bombs don’t drop on you or the ground. It’s okay.

Bonze Adventure:
This one is very similar to Capcom’s Ghost n’ Goblins, except not quite as hard. This one is fun, to be honest.

One of my favorites here, where you have to guide a marble through a rotating maze, while avoiding obstacles, to get to the goal. This one is just great fun!

Chack ‘n Pop:
This one is where you have to bomb enemies while trying to get back your… hearts? Huh? I don’t get it, and it’s quite hard to understand, yet still easier than Volfied.

Cleopatra Fortune:
Another of my personal favorites, it’s a puzzle game that plays similar to Tetris, but if you have jewels or ankhs between your blocks, they’ll be destroyed too. This one is very fun. I also really like the music of this one! (Sorry for no “Walk like an Egyptian” joke.)

Crazy Balloon:
This is where you have to guide a balloon to the goal, while avoiding spikes. I can’t complete a single stage on this one!

Darius Gaiden:
This one is shooter where you have to shoot alien mechanical fish to save your planet! This horizontal shooter is quite fun!

Don Doko Don:
This one is where you hit enemies with your hammer, and throw them at your enemies. It’s quite fun, but does it sound like a certain plumber we know?

Dungeon Magic:
Another favorite of mine, this one is an isometric hack n’ slash where you get items to level up and power up. This one is very fun!

Elevator Action II (Elevator Action Returns):
This one is the sequel to the original in the previous collection, but much more fun thanks to different characters, actual missions, better graphics, and more!

Hat Trick Hero (Football Champ):
This is a soccer game of which you have multiple teams and captains to choose from, and it’s a fun little soccer game, and also easy to play. Find another player, and GOAL!!!!

Front Line:
This game uses dual analog control to play. Once you learn it, it can be pretty fun, to be honest.

G Darius:
This is essentially the same as Darius, but a new game, and in 3D. It’s also better than that one, as well.

This one is fun little vertical shooter where you blast enemies and find upgrades for your plane. It’s also easier, since you have unlimited continues.

Grid Seeker:
Another shooter where you use your GRID to stock bombs. This one is fun, too.

This is of a western theme and a beat em up where you have to rescue wild animals. It can be quite fun.

Gun & Frontier:
Yet another shooter, yet this one have a western theme that takes place on another planet in the future. Pretty fun.

Insector X:
This one is where you are an insect where you use insecticide to kill other insects. It’s vertical, a little weird, but pretty fun.

Kiki Kaikai:
You’re a priestess where you have to repel spirits, and fight bosses to rescue Gods, in an isometric style, almost like Zelda, except you die when you’re hit once. It’s still quite fun, but still not as much as that aforementioned series.

Kuri Kinton:
This one is where you’re a kung fu kid that looks kind of like kid Goku from Dragon Ball Z and it’s a side scrolling beat em up. It’s very enjoyable. Hard, but don’t forget, unlimited continues.

Liquid Kids:
In this game, you have to rescue your kidnapped friends with magical water bombs. It’s cute, and pretty fun.

Lunar Rescue:
This one is where you have to land a ship so you can rescue people, and shoot enemies out of the way while heading back to the ship. It can get pretty fun after some time.

Metal Black:
This one is a horizontal shooter that boasts some impressive graphics, and pretty good gameplay.

This is essentially the sequel to Rastan, and has the exact same gameplay, and the same fun factor.

Puchi Carat:
Another one of my favorite games, this one is where you have to use a ball to knock off jewels while using a paddle to keep it off the bottom of the screen. This one is very fun, and has anime style characters!

Bust a Move Again (Puzzle Bobble 2):
This is the same Bust a Move game you’ve probably seen many times before, with the same gameplay. Oh, and the cute characters have been removed in this version. Sorry.

This is the original game, and it has the same gameplay, and I don’t really like it just the same.

This is more of a cross between Pac Man and Defender, of which you need to collect dots to open more mazes while shooting enemies. It’s pretty fun.
Ray Storm:
This is a 3D vertical shooter that is quite exciting and it has a lock-on laser feature.

Space Invaders ’95:
This version is very different from the other versions, and is a personal favorite with vertical shooting stages, engaging gameplay, powerups, weird and cutsey style, two player mode, and actual boss battles! Awesome!!

Space Invaders DX:
This one includes the original version, a two player mode, and a parody version of the original. It’s interesting, to be honest.

Majestic Twelve (Space Invaders ’91):
Another version of Space Invaders, only this one has power ups, and sometimes, different invaders. Pretty fun, but still not as good as ’ 95.

This one is where you control a mechanical dragon and you breathe fire to get through a dungeon. It can get quite addicting.

The Fairyland Story:
You’re a witch and you turn enemies into cakes, then you either drop the cakes or continue attacking the cakes until they disappear. It’s fun, but why can’t you eat the cakes?!

The Legend of Kage:
You’re a ninja trying to rescue a princess from enemies. This one is quite fun. Besides, who doesn’t love ninjas?

Violence Fight:
This one has more in common with Pit Fighter than Street Fighter, except it has four characters, can be quite fun, but has one of the worst named fighters I heard. Lick Joe?! What?!

Wild Western:
This one is where you shoot Indians trying to attack a train. Unique, not bad, but didn’t play this one much.

Overall, this collection is superior in terms of how many games it has, and the quality of the games within, but it lacks the presentation found in the earlier release. Overall, I liked this one better than the first one.