While you may or may not have some fond memories of Taito's arcade classics some games haven't aged all that well.

User Rating: 6 | Taito Legends 2 PS2


Game Title: Taito Legends 2

Platform: PlayStation 2

Developer: Taito

Publisher: Empire Interactive

Genre: Compilation

Age Rating: PEGI: 7+

Release Date: 31st March 2006 (Europe)


Game Score: 6.8/10



While you may or may not have some fond memories of Taito's arcade classics some games haven't aged all that well plus games are missing.


Taito released a handful of their classic arcade games on PS2, XBox and PC called Taito Legends. It also helped give players history into what Taito was like in their early days. For those who enjoyed seeing some of Taito's classics can get Taito Legends 2 which includes more of Taito's arcade classics.

Now this collection has about 43 of their titles in total which range from Space Invader versions, Dungeon Magic, Kiki kaikai, Puzzle Bobble 2, The Fairyland Story, The Legend of Kage, Elevator Action Returns, Cameltry among many others. The bizarre thing that goes on with this collection is that between the PS2, XBox and PC versions have about 8 games missing which means that if you want the other Taito games you have to buy the other version as well. It means that both PS2 and Xbox/PC versions have some that one version doesn't while the latter has some that the other doesn't. It's just an example of porting issues I believe and as such have to put up with version that just has their own set of exclusives.

Now one thing about this compilation they did do better then the first Taito compilation is allow the player to configure the controls and also the default setups for most of the games are better then what was done in the first Taito compilation.

Playing each of the games requires you to press the Select button on the PS2 version to insert a coin and press L1 to start playing which simulates the arcade feel. As for the games they are well emulated and play very well without any issues plus they all look really good. My personal favourite games on this compilation are Dungeon Magic, Arabin Magic, Cameltry, Puchi Carat, and G-Darius which was why I personally bought this compilation for. Some of those games are enjoyable and still can hold up and age well while some others like Violence Fight, Wild Western, Raimals and Nastar do not hold up due to bad controls, stiff gameplay and high difficulty. Once I can't talk about each of the games indepth but that may come in the future perhaps.

Overall the games play well and while some of them hold up well and others not so much some of the games are indeed missing and can only be found on another version. If you want to relive some of Taito's great arcade gems that you may or may not have played in your years then at a reasonable price you can pick this compilation up in second hand stores and bring the arcade experience at home. Hey it's perhaps better then getting the PSOne releases of G-Darius, Puchi Caret and Raystorm separately.


The Good Points:


1. 39 of Taito's arcade gems in one disc

2. They are well emulated and play very well

The Bad Points:


1. Some of the games have not aged very well

2. 8 missing games from the PS2, XBox and PC versions


Reviewed by: Anthony Hayball (AQWBlaZer91)