New but nothing there.

User Rating: 5 | Tabula Rasa PC
A new mmo with nothing in it.

-Crafting system is garbage. Do not waste your time with it.
-Group system is 3rd rate. No group search or tag. Just start spamming LFG and hope for the best.
-Chat is 4th rate for a MMO.
-Quests are boring. Kill or deliver.
-Rewards for quests are out of touch. Why am i getting lvl 11 rewards at lvl 20.
Biotech quest rewards. Got three items I could use out of all the quests up to the end of the divide. Meanwhile I get purple rewards for the other classes.
-Travel is a pain in some area's. Be ready to run for 20min to find the right path up a hill.
-Items are bland. Everything is preset to lvls. You will not find a sales house. The trade channel is empty. Probably because the chat interface is about 8yrs old and clumsy.
-UI is alright. But for a game to come out in this day and age and lock your game windows and is mind boggling.
-Controls are weird. You cannot move your camera if you have ANY window open. Yes that is right. Open your bag up to see that new armor. Well you will be looking at a tiny little picture in your bag to view your character or else you have to pre-adjust your view to face your guy. Cannot target, heck do anything with a window open.
-In a group it seems whoever does the most damage gets the item drops. Forget about healing anyone. Four runs through instances and I got a whole six items because I was healing/repairing.

There are some good things but the game is borderline remedial in all aspects of it. Other MMO's offer more bang for the buck.
The world runs like Guildwars. Everything is nearly a instance. Meaning you select world 1 through 6, but other players are outside. Just not the dungeons.