A gaming experience that will grip your imagination like one of the great literary classics.

User Rating: 9 | System Shock PC
This game is old. Naturally, the graphics and sound seem initially rather primitive. But, believe it or not, they still do the job and once you've mastered the interface, you will have embarked on a journey that will have you on the edge of your seat.

Surely not! Actually, yes! How is this possible? Well, quite simply, through quality storytelling and design.

System Shock is a work of genius that completely immerses you in its environment. The layout is credible, interesting and surprising. There is always another mystery to fathom and another 'shock' to experience. But, behind it all, is the greater mystery of what happened to the Station while you were undergoing surgery. This tale is told via your hard-won explorations and is as gripping as any thriller, not least because you know that what others failed to survive previously, you will have to encounter later.

If that were all, then SS would be a wonderful creation.

Then you encounter SHODAN.

From that moment onwards, your whole being is dedicated to a cat-and-mouse game of do-or-die. SHODAN is your nemesis. Or is She? Well, that depends on your degree of personal courage. What?! 'Courage'? In an old computer game? Yes, I'm afraid so. If you are going to defeat SHODAN then you will need guts. SHODAN is a psychological tour de force. She will provoke, mock, intimidate and regularly attempt to crush your pathetic efforts to thwart her grandiose plans. The ensuing battle of wills parallels the real battles that explode out onto the forbidding corridors of SHODAN'S new domain, as you follow-up the chilling trail of ever-more worrying leads.

Frankly, this is one of the rarest of creatures: a computer game that stands the test of time. If you haven't played it, I envy your first time through. Just make sure that you don't have any other pressing engagements!