For an old game, this is really fun!!!

User Rating: 10 | System Shock PC
I only played system shock 2, so then I decided to see what the first system shock was like. I played it and I was so surprised that no one bought this game because they where all playing Doom2!!! This game is a lot better then Doom2 to be honest, and it was amazing for an old DOS game. The controls where kinda broken though, you couldn't look down, it was really hard. But the game was still good!!! It had awesome weapons to choose from, the graphics where really good for an old game like this, and it really was enjoyable. It is slightly better then System Shock 2, I must say and if you wanna know what the games are all about play this one first. Then play the second one. If you have an old DOS computer, then this game is worth buying. It was really fun and addictive and I really did enjoy it.